For // Hillsboro Bicycle Center
We were thrilled to be a part of this project, creating logos and uniforms for the Hillsboro Bicycle Center. Along with our design inspiration we focused on two key words - vibrancy & quality!
What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery
2. Logo Redesign
3. Stationary Package
4. OOH Adverts
5. Graphics System
6. Uniforms
7. Colors
Vibrance and quality are the two words that defined our design process for this project. We wanted to create a brand with vibrant colors, interesting shapes in its lettering as well as logos; all designed specifically so it could be used widely throughout Hillsboro Bicycle Center's branding strategy (which you will see later).

It was important because we felt like these qualities would reflect how excited people should feel when they come here- which is why their logo has such bright hues while also being carefully crafted into an elegant shape.
Thanks for watching

Creative Direction // Design: Kevin Canty
Client: Hillsboro Bikes

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